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LifePolymer™ is the primary blood and tissue contacting surface of the TRIA™ heart valve. The materials used in the TRIA™ valve were qualified for use after extensive testing to ISO and other standards for long-term implants. A portfolio of tests is provided to assist in the risk management assessment of LifePolymer™ for potential applications beyond heart valves. Foldax® is actively licensing its LifePolymer™ portfolio for other applications.

and Composition

  • Solvent-based polymerization
  • Silicone urethane polymer
  • Biostability/physical properties lend LifePolymer™ to demanding biomedical applications


LifePolymer™ material demonstrates excellent antifouling, blood compatibility and high-flex fatigue resistance properties. Specific applications may include:
Medical devices:
  • Insulin pumps
  • Catheters
  • Drug delivery
  • Electronics
  • Antifouling coatings

Manufacturing and Testing

Foldax® uses state of the art digital process control in the synthesis of every batch of LifePolymer™. Additionally, every batch is tested for chemical and physical property characteristics and provided with a Certificate of Assurance (COA).
Chemical testing suite:
  • GPC: Nominal Mn of ~120,000 Da.
  • DSC: Less than 0C. (typically -4C to -10C)
  • FTIR
Physical property testing suite:
  • ≥30MPa Ultimate tensile strength
  • ≥500% Elongation
  • ≥50 N mm-1 Tear strength
  • ~80A Durometer (Shore A)
  • 82.7 International rubber hardness degree (IHRD)
  • 25-35 MPa Dynamic modulus
  • Very low creep
  • High biostability

Foldax® Manufacturing Expertise

The Foldax® team has more than 20 years of experience producing these types of polymer compositions and additional expertise is provided by our elite Scientific Advisory Board.
  • High batch-to-batch consistency
  • Fiber electrospinning
  • Expertise with a variety of coating applications


Foldax® has been issued multiple US and OUS patents and has a number of additional patent applications pending. The issued patents are related to composition of matter, synthetic method and a variety of applications. Foldax® completed an outright acquisition of the LifePolymer™ patent portfolio from CSIRO in 2023.
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Development History

“The CSIRO research team developed LifePolymer™  to the specifications provided by Foldax. CSIRO has over three decades of R&D experience in designing polyurethanes for medical applications. This expert knowledge in chemical structure property relationships in polyurethanes helped the team to design LifePolymer™ , combining excellent mechanical properties and long-term biostability. The unique combination of chemical components results in a polyurethane with a three-phase morphology, high resistance to creep deformation, ease of fabricating into thin films by solvent casting, and excellent hemocompatibility.”

--Thilak Gunatillake, Ph.D.
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