TRIA™ heart valves are designed to last a lifetime without compromising quality of life.

  • Proprietary LifePolymer™ - non-animal based polymer material
  • A platform of computer-generated polymer heart valves
  • Automated, robotic manufacturing
Leading Structural Heart to the Next Generation With a Unified Approach
TRIA™ heart valves are investigational and not available for sale.
Clinical safety and efficacy have not been demonstrated.

Foldax® is Innovating the Polymer Platform

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Computer Designed Leaflets & Frames
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Proprietary Polymer Material

LifePolymer™ eliminates animal-based sourcing and cultural issues. It is uniquely formulated for heart valves.

Pre-clinical studies suggest that LifePolymer™:

  • Molecular composition withstands greater stresses than the human heart can produce.1
  • Resists calcification and does not degrade over time.1,2
  • Is biostable and biocompatible.1
Chronic Sheep Study
Animal studies show no calcification or pannus formation.2
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
FEA Design
Actual Valve
FEA-designed valves are specifically developed for the unique stresses of aortic and mitral positions.

Computer Designed

The Design Difference

TRIA™ Surgical and Transcatheter Replacement (TAVR) Valves:
  • Frame & leaflets are computer designed to match the natural valve.3
  • Position-specific designs meet unique pressure and flow needs.2
  • Optimal opening and closing – low gradients/large effective orifice areas (EOA).4

Robotic Manufacturing

A Paradigm Shift

Computer-generated valve designs are produced robotically:
  • Highly precise, reproducible processes with minimal human handling required.
  • No labor-intensive hand sewing.
  • Small, efficient robotic pods can produce valves in-geography at improved economics.

Learn How Foldax is Transforming Heart Valve Therapy

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Foldax® Reports Positive Clinical Results for TRIA Mitral Surgical Heart Valve Using Novel LifePolymer Material
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Polymer prosthetic heart valves: A review of current technologies and future directions
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TCT 2023 Foldax® Presentation:  Robotically Developed Polymeric-Based Leaflet Technology & Clinical Program Update
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Patient Stories

Bob Murley, the first patient to receive a TRIA™ aortic heart valve, celebrates his four year anniversary! See how Bob’s life has changed since he received the TRIA™ valve.
“Since I’ve had this valve replacement, I’ve been able to do things that I wasn’t able to do before I had the valve replacement. Its been nine months since my procedure and my daily lifestyle and life has pretty much gotten back to normal. Everything that I used enjoy is pretty much back where it use to be.”

Potential Additional Applications Beyond Heart Valves

Patented Silicone
Poly(urethane urea) Formulation
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